Recently, I’ve been researching a lot of women business groups on social media. One thing that keeps coming up by members is whether or not to do Facebook or LinkedIn live video.  Lives have become increasingly popular while statistics show the success of video as a marketing tool, further increasing pressure on women to do Facebook Lives.

I have undertaken a couple of Facebook Lives. I’m a trained broadcast journalist but still felt nervous and while I got positive feedback some people thought they should be more relaxed or jovial. I’ve been a journalist for many years so naturally inclined to sound more professional in front of a camera. I became a journalist in the days when elocution lessons were a standard part of our training. Where seeing the rise now of amateur journalism, which in many ways is very exciting as news is reported on the spot by eye-witnesses.

Everyone will have their view on how to do a Live. I’ve seen some overly relaxed Facebook Lives by people. I’ve asked branding and presentation experts what their views are on Facebook Lives. While some love the idea and say as long as you come across authentic that’s great, others advise their clients against Lives and say they can diminish their brand’s value.

For those considering doing live video, I thought these tips from my Facebook course might be useful.

– Journalists should keep in mind that they are professionals and follow ethical and technical guidelines when using Live. (I think this is the same for all service providers).

– Every stream should have a point and offer audiences a unique experience.

– Pay attention to the details: the camera should be stable, the audio should be clear, and you should come across as a professional.

– Interact with audience questions and comments, frequently reminding them to chime into the discussion.

– Explain what you’re doing and offer recaps intermittently.

Remember, don’t feel pressure to do Facebook Lives just because everyone else seems to be doing them or telling you to do them. I have a colleague and friend who has a podcast and is an excellent presenter. She’s even given a TEDx talk. However, she feels uncomfortable doing FB lives. She records webinars her clients can watch back with lots of graphics.

There’s a reason as journalists we have those specialising in print, radio and broadcast. Different personalities suit the various mediums. I’ll no doubt do more live videos, but today I just didn’t feel like it was for me so instead I’ve just written a post and there’s nothing wrong with my no pressure approach.