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Media diversity is everyone’s business

As a university student, I had to write an essay on the diversity of sources in Australian media. I wrote another essay on Australia’s cross-media ownership laws. While I no longer have a copy of those essays, I remember much of the content, and it’s as relevant today as almost 20 years ago. Times have […]


9 Tips for dealing with a negative review

No one likes to have their work criticised and as a business or professionals, we want to maintain positive reputations. I’ve always been a particularly sensitive person by nature. However, the rise of online reviews has made it more complex to control our reputations. Dealing with a negative review has become an important component of any […]

Your guide to SEO backlinks: The good, bad and ugly

Having a good quality SEO backlink strategy can be a powerful way for improving your website ranking in the search engines. However, the consensus among SEO consultants is that backlinks are the most “unscrupulous” area in their field.  Many websites have risen to power then fallen from grace just as dramatically through backlinks. But what […]

How to update & republish old blog posts for SEO

  Did you know there are more than two million new blogs posts daily?  Blogging has become an integral part of a content marketing strategy to support business growth. Many organisations have been blogging for years now continuing to put out new posts regularly but what about all those old blog posts? In a newsroom, as […]

SEO Basics 101: Make your site rank

  SEO was for a long time an area shrouded in mystery to me, so it feels rather strange to be writing a guide on SEO basics for beginners. Despite my training in journalism and PR, I felt unqualified to write content for blogs and websites. I had this idea that SEO consultants or copywriters […]


Pillar pages & topic clusters 101 for SEO

When Hubspot, a leading developer of inbound sales and marketing software, unveiled pillar pages and topic clusters as the new best model for SEO in blogging I was admittedly confused. However, as I started putting the model into practice on my blog, it made sense. It was similar to how I’d practised as a journalist […]


Why online business reviews are vital to SEO

Online business reviews serve to highlight, whether positively or negatively, various aspects of your business, including products, services and interactions. Reviews can take the form of star ratings or comments and can appear on directory listings, review sites, social media or your business blog. Review signals account for around 13 per cent of the total ranking […]

Five Tips to handle a PR Crisis

Recently, I’ve seen a few women-run businesses face a PR crisis. No one likes to be criticised, especially publicly so I’d like to ensure women entrepreneurs feel equipt to handle a situation which can make us feel vulnerable, scared and angry as the reputation of our business is at stake. It has been adapted from […]

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Digital PR: Boost your profile & SEO

Digital PR has become an integral part of a communication strategy to grow the profiles of businesses, their leaders, domain authority and boost SEO. When I first started in journalism, public relations consultants would fax or email us through press releases and they’d call us to see if we received the release and were interested […]