Born with a storyline in my head & notebook in hand.

Nadine McGrath and three clients gathered at a desk

As a child all I ever wanted was to write stories. At age 10, I was writing and distributing my first newspaper, The McKendrick Avenue News. I chased stories on our street and recall passionate conversations with my mother who established a strict code of ethics, curtailing my investigative research. This code meant no reporting any gossip and my mother had to approve all content. When I gave her a spiel on “freedom of the press” she threatened to shut down the publication altogether.

Close-up of lady's hands leafing through a handwritten notebook

For more than 20 years I’ve worked in journalism, public relations and content marketing.   I’m the changing face of a media and marketing landscape. My career kicked off as a rural reporter with WIN TV progressing to senior opportunities with News Ltd and Australian Associated Press.

I founded Creative Content Co and McGrath Media to use my skills working with brands and leaders to create greater impact.  The Internet has given brands an opportunity to reach and connect at scale. However,  rising above the deafening noise is getting harder and quality content is winning out.

My Difference

Experience + Content + Compassion + Media Networks = Success

Experience:  I’ve reported on natural disasters, crime, health, sports, education, business and financial markets, interviewed royalty to prime ministers. Fast-paced newsrooms have taught me to change gears quickly.

Content:  As a seasoned journalist I know how to write for impact. My nickname is “Super Snoop” as I dig and come up with story ideas. Experience in PR and content marketing has broadened my skills. My team and I work with clients to create compelling content.

Compassion: I’m known for my sensitivity and lead through humility. I’ve witnessed the best and worst of humanity.  I understand telling your story and seeking exposure takes vulnerability and courage so will walk with you on that journey.

Media Networks:  I continue to write for various publications. Throughout the years, I’ve built and continue to build strong media contacts and love passing them on a good story to tell, including yours.

So, what’s your story?