Organisations are often overwhelmed with conflicting information when it comes to attracting and connecting with their audience. We live in exciting times. Never before in humanity’s history, have we had the opportunity to quickly connect with so many people on such scale. On the downside, long gone are the days when content online attracts lots of attention. The noise has become deafening as businesses struggle to be heard amongst the competition. In the race to outrun their competition businesses are often focusing on quantity losing sight of quality. With so much content being produced online, this is a race you can’t win. Quality trumps quantity every time when building a loyal audience. Every step of the way my commitment is to help you redefine how you talk about your business, encouraging you to stay on brand and stay on message.


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Let’s talk business.

It’s time to get real about what it really takes to build a business. I ‘ve been in the trenches building my own and lived the pitfalls. As a journalist, I’ve researched and heard the stories of highs, lows and in-betweens. One thing I’ve learned on my journey is everything is not always like a highlight reel. It takes tenacity, courage to embrace your failures, the ability to dust yourself off and live to fight another day. My focus is on empowering people to understand what is really involved in creating impact and ensuring they look after the reputation of the brands they have worked so hard to build.

Do you aspire to be a leader of influence?

As a journalist, I’ve understood the power and influence of the media. I’ve thought over the years extensively about what it takes to be a leader of influence especially in this era of social media. Leaders of influence have excellent communication skills, both listening and in turn reflecting back to people that they have been heard. They are also not afraid of showing their vulnerability and view it as a strength, rather than weakness.

However, does being considered a social media influencer necessarily constitute being a leader of influence?

A so-called social media influencer may have massive followings but not real engagement.
While not necessarily having an enormous following, a real social media influencer may be changing opinions, views and genuinely engaging their followers.

For me a leader of influence whether a person or a brand is an allure which inspires and brings together others for a higher vision. They do this through their brand consistency, messaging and resonating storytelling.

Redefining how we talk about your business.

What is your mission? What impact are you making on the world? What problem are you solving?
What was your light bulb moment that propelled you on your business journey?
When it comes to the content you are putting out, whether it be social media or other channels does it have a purpose? What journey are you wanting to take your client on?
Are you using the opportunities available to creating brand loyalty and build authority in your field?
Business storytelling is about demonstrating your expertise, building trust, and showcasing your brand values.
Whether you are filming a video, writing a post or creating website content your reader needs to be at the centre of your story.
Everyone has a story to tell, so let’s start telling yours.

Cultivating change.

I use the tools in my journalism kit and passion for storytelling to reach as many people as possible. Whether I’m part of a panel, giving a keynote or workshop, I like to inspire my audience, be vulnerable and give them actionable takeaways.

Transform your content.

I founded McGrath Media and  Creative Content Co to help brands and leaders tell their stories in a way that is more impactful.  I use my skills to meld marketing and journalism when creating content. I take a newsroom approach to my clients’ content. Through strategy and planning I help create stories. What you may consider everyday dry and boring I transform into pieces which inspire, educate and inform your target audience.

Elevate your impact.

Ensure you gain greater recognition. You’re an expert in your field, you’ve put in the hard yards and now  just need to help you raise that profile beyond likes and followers on social media.


For more than 20 years I’ve worked in journalism, public relations and content marketing. I’m the changing face of a media and marketing landscape. My career kicked off as a rural reporter with WIN TV progressing to senior opportunities with News Ltd and Australian Associated Press. I’ve reported on natural disasters, crime, health, sports, education, business and financial markets, interviewed royalty to prime ministers. Fast-paced newsrooms have taught me to change gears quickly.

As a child all I ever wanted was to write stories. At age 10, I was writing and distributing my first newspaper, The McKendrick Avenue News. I chased stories on our street and recall passionate conversations with my mother who established a strict code of ethics, curtailing my investigative research. This code meant no reporting any gossip and my mother had to approve all content. When I gave her a spiel on “freedom of the press” she threatened to shut down the publication altogether. From that day to now I’m still writing stories.

Passion Projects.

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be, and embracing who we are.”

Brene Brown, Storyteller and Researcher

20 jumps on the trampoline.

A few years ago, when my three children were toddlers, I had this idea of starting a parenting blog. It was going to be called 20 Jumps on the Trampoline. My doctor husband had a scientific theory to test, which was that grumpiness would improve when jumping on a trampoline (we would fail Parenting 101 for rewarding bad behaviour). In our household his theory proved correct.

As a mum of three children, I understand the juggle of work-life balance while running a business and contending with life’s challenges. Trust me there have been plenty of times I’ve wanted to run away to Paris or New York.

Raising the voice of women.

Though my career-changing the status quo of an under-representation of women as media sources, elevating their voice and influence has been front and centre of my mission. Just as we need greater diversity in leadership positions, we need diversity in voices of the media. My work with women leaders aims to ensure they get more exposure and make an impact.


“Nadine was commissioned to write content for our website, press releases and campaigns. Her understanding of the medical profession and strong news sense was invaluable. She translates complex subject matter into informative, capturing content. Nadine is a talented writer able to provide expert communication advice and strategy.”

Maryam Jarahi, Director at MEDAXS

“I’ve always found Nadine to be genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about whichever project/subject she is working on. She is proactive, organised, thorough and accurate in her work whilst remaining approachable and personable. I would not hesitate to recommend Nadine for any media or PR projects you might have.”

Dr Keira Buchanen

“From my very first phone call with Nadine, I felt comfortable and supported. She very quickly understood the message I was trying to convey, and had some really great ideas on how to elevate this to a more professional standard. Nadine re-wrote my author bio and press release, which was then used to get me some great media coverage. Nadine followed up on everything she said she would do in a prompt, professional, and supportive manner. I would recommend Nadine one hundred times over! She has a passion for her work that shines through in all she does.”

Ann-Maree Imrie